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Spread News to Win - cyfang28 - 10-15-2013 09:33 PM

PopPaceā€™s first action MMOARPG, Wrath of Gods will debut on Facebook at 6:00pm (GMT-8) October 15th, and the Wall of Wrath of Gods will be available at the same time. Now simply spread this news to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MSN and other ways, you will win one share of the rewards easily for your character in Wrath of Gods.

Event Duration
October 15th-October 23rd (GMT-8)

VIP Lvl. 1(10 Days)
Liger (Mount)

To claim your rewards, please submit a screenshot to this event thread to prove your spreading of the news, and leave your character name and server name. We will deliver the rewards on October 24th (GMT-8).