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11-12-2013, 08:49 AM
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i hope my suggestions will be granted for the sake of all players. i, in behalf of all players are suggesting the following for the improvement of the game and maintain the game population as it lacks a lot of things but it has a lot to improve.

1. on your wrath of gods poppace site, the world bosses are nilvas, ladon and kargath where it shows it has items to drop such as weapons aside from the current drops right now which is only silver/crystal. can you pls add some drops for those? here's the link of proof.

2. pls set up other events in game, there is a "contact GM" buttom but it's really useless because there's no GM that exist in the game.

3. add more maps and higher level cap because when we reach the max lvl which is 70, there's nothing left to do aside from daily task and daily quest.

4. the "beat the world boss event". it is very hard to kill the boss at the event because we only have 30 minutes to kill it. i suggest to lower the boss' HP/defense of just make the event time to like 2 hours because it is very hard to kill it.

5. sulfur island event. there are 3 spots where the monster "topaz protector respawns. and only 4 of them in each spot. can you add numbers of topaz protector? or just make the respawn time faster?i think that would be nice.

6. before the new event change in burning island, we can still get guild gold and other things by killing "burning master" and other burning monsters, etc. but right now. we can't improve our guild because we don't know where to get guild gold as you changed the event system.

7. higher drop chance in Hell mode. we players find it really hard to surpass hell mode and what makes us really sad is it is very hard to get important item drops such as gem evo scrolls, protect scrolls, mount armor and specially Hell weapon. pls make the drop chance higher as it was already hard to survive the hell mode.

8. this forum is dead. not a single moderator or any of the staff visits or update anything here like answer any thread or question of others in the past few weeks or even a would be fun if a moderator is active or u guys hire a moderator from the game to make the forum alive.

as of now, these are my only suggestions, i will update if i remember anything else or see something to improve. remember, not all players are visiting forums, so pls. grant my requests as it is for all of us and i speak in behalf of all the players.. thanks and more power. i hope you respond to this.
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