Forum Announcement: Same Cash=2X G-ingots
01-09-2014, 10:18 PM
Same Cash=2X G-ingots
All heroes of Warlord Saga, it is time to enjoy a summer holiday! To help you enjoy a better summer holiday in Warlord Saga, we are pleased to give you at least 100% more G-ingots once you purchase G-ingots.

Event Duration
June 9th until June 30th (GMT-4)

Event Content
1. When you purchase G-ingots on Facebook during the event, you will receive 100% more G-ingots. It means when you spend 1 USD in purchasing G-ingots on Facebook during the event, you will receive 30 G-ingots.

To purchase G-ingots on Facebook, visit

2. When you purchase G-ingots in our official website via any payment method except Mopay during the event, you will even receive a maximum of 13.75% more G-ingots than purchasing G-ingots on Facebook. So if you spend the same amount of cash in purchasing G-ingots, you will receive more G-ingots when purchasing Gold in our official website PopPace.

To purchase G-ingots on in our official website, visit

Price (USD) G-ingots(Facebook) G-ingots(PopPace) PopPace/Facebook
400 12000 13650 113.75%
200 6000 6750 112.50%
100 3000 3300 110.00%
50 1500 1620 108.00%
25 750 803 107.00%
15 450 479 106.50%
10 300 316 105.20%
5 150 158 105%
1 30 31 103%

Don’t miss out this golden opportunity! Have fun and see you in game!
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